Performance tuning

 ECU Tuningtopgeartuning

  • Increased engine performance
  • Lower gas/diesel consumption (ECO Tuning)
  • Cancellation speed limits
  • Cancellation limiting revolutions
  • Replacement of particulate filter


These services support benefits from the UK parent company: TOPGEAR TUNING

    • As an authorized dealer will provide safety and support of a professional team of engineers who back a vast experience in this field and have provided services for car manufacturers, teams rally and industry in general.

    What is TOPGEAR Tuning?

    • The entire process takes place with OBD diagnostic socket, connecting and analyzing existing program (a self map). Continue to adjust the settings specifically for your vehcile.

    Why choose our services?

    • Besides the fact that you have to believe in our experience, quality and professionalism in service, receive an additional guarantee by the fact that our services are covered by insurance from the company TOPGEAR UK.

    What vehicles qualify?

    • All vehicles produced after 1998.